Sabco Group believes that good corporate governance is an ethical and moral tool that improves organizational performance. It is a reflection of our culture, our policies, our commitment to values and our relationship with stakeholders. Benchmarking the Group’s corporate governance practices with the best in the world has enabled us to bring a high level of satisfaction to our customers, employees, investors, vendors and the society at large.

Good corporate governance practices have instilled in our companies the essential vision, processes and structures to make decisions that ensure long-term sustainability. 




Family Assembly

The Family Assembly consists of all the shareholders of Sabco Group. The Family Assembly meets annually to review developments within the Group.


Board of Trustees (BOT)

The BOT is nominated by the Family Assembly to set the overall direction of the Group and monitor

its progress.


Board of Directors (BOD)

The Business Units within the Group report to the BOD. The latter plays an executive role and decides on strategic measures, based on the recommendations of the heads of Business Units.


Investment and Projects Committee (IPC)

The IPC assesses potential investments, projects and opportunities in strategic or key growth areas.


Business Units

The Business Units are the main operating companies of the Group and, depending on the nature of the ownership structure, are either classified as Direct Business or

Associate Business. 


This emphasis on responsible corporate governance, operational transparency and world class management has made the Group one of the most highly respected in the region.






It helps us take a view that integrates environmental and social responsibilities in analyzing risks and discovering opportunities.


To this end, our employees are empowered to participate in meaningful ways in decision-making processes. Functioning with a high regard foraccountability, responsibility and integrity, they are equipped to protect stakeholder rights and interests, manage risks and create long-term business value.


The Group maintains its operational transparency through a corporate structure that implements checks and balances at every level.