A land of turquoise seas, towering mountains, deep wadis and sweeping deserts, Oman has always been a favourite tourist destination. With mountain villages clutching canyon walls, clusters of dates weighing heavy in the plantation oases, ribbons of sand blowing across the undulating dunes and camels padding across the limitless interior – the images offered by this beautiful country are both exciting and enigmatic. With a coastline of 1700 km, Oman’s beaches are a magnet for visitors; add to that its rich history, unique heritage, natural beauty, perfect environment, folklore and traditional industry and we know why tourism is flourishing in Oman.  
Oman is among the few countries in the world that are considered ideal for long-term investments. It possesses a modern infrastructure, a strong industrial base, a stable government, and, most notably, institutions that protects investors and ensures their access to the market. Blessed with oil and natural gas resources, positioned along the busiest sea lanes in one of the fastest-growing regions of the world, Oman is poised for success.
The government’s policy, based on His Majesty Sultan Qaboos’ Vision 2020, is to create a national economy based on private enterprise in a competitive environment devoid of monopolistic practices and independent of oil-based resources. To this end, the Government has announced ambitious plans to create a free and diversified economy with a vibrant private sector. New laws and regulations have been introduced to promote the development of the economy and the involvement of private and foreign capital. 
Capital: Muscat
Official language: Arabic
Ruler: H.M. Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Busaidi
Area: 309,550 km2
Population in '09: 2,845,000
Currency: Rial
Time Zone: GMT + 4
Calling Code: +968
His Majesty has consciously fostered the country’s growth while preserving its cultural values. The blessed Renaissance, which he initiated, has seen Oman transform itself into a progressive nation that continues to esteem its traditional values. The country's heritage is meticulously adhered to and traditional Arabian values, such as hospitality and practical piety, are still in evidence, making Oman a place to experience Arabian culture at its best. The SABCO Group is proud to have played an active part in this Renaissance and is committed to furthering its realization.