As a Minister for Diwan Affairs and Special Adviser to His Majesty, Sayyid Hamad was passionate in his mission to further the Omani Renaissance.

A passion mirrored by the support and encouragement he extended to his sons to set up the Sabco Group. Sayyid Hamad’s soft-spoken demeanor, uncompromising ethics and astute sense of justice made him a giant among 
his peers. 




Already a successful entrepreneur in his mid-20s, Sayyid Badr was a patron of art and music who encouraged Omani singers and sponsored their performances around the world. A diplomat by nature, his objective approach and perfectionist personality was the perfect complement to his more vivacious brother. As an Oxford postgraduate, his thesis work ran parallel to his involvement in the management and decision making activities of the Group. Once he was appointed the Undersecretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sayyid Badr relinquished his position in the Group. Later, he rose to the position of Secretary General in the same ministry.




An enthusiastic and generous man, Sayyid Sami was the first Chairman of the Group. A  Sandhurst Graduate, as fervent in his business approach as he was about football, his love for the game led him to sponsor and run the Fanje Football Club, the first Omani club to win the GCC championship.
His booming voice, vibrant presence and empathy for people made him a charismatic leader.