In line with its ongoing commitment to the advancement of the Omani Renaissance, SABCO Group is deeply involved in the social and economic betterment of the nation and its people. As a responsible corporate citizen and a concerned member of the community, the Group is proud of the sterling role it has played in assisting many a worthy cause, both as sponsors and donors. 

 Convinced that sports is the one thing that brings the people of a nation together, SABCO Group has partnered many sporting events, including football, volleyball and cricket, across the Sultanate. On the charity front, it has promoted the cause of diverse humanitarian organisations like UNICEF, Bait Al Zubair Foundation for Children, The Oman Association for the Disabled and Al Hayat Association Halfway Home project.


Always in the forefront in facing natural calamities, the Group was quick to respond when Cyclone Phet struck in 2010, taking up the responsibility of distributing water to the affected. A benefactor of the Macmillan Cancer Relief organization, the group also champions the cause of the Oman Women Association and is a sponsor of the Sultan School Alumni.  

Proudly Supporting:

  • Oman Football Association
  • Unicef
  • Oman Women Foundation
  • Bait Al Zubair Foundation
  • Oman Association for the Disabled
  • Sultan School Alumni
  • Macmillan Cancer Relief
  • Al Hayat Association Halfway Home Project