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Direct Business

SABCO Media is a unique cross-platform of media channels in Radio, Outdoor and Publishing, with aggressive growth initiatives to ensure we offer strategic and cost effective media choices to all our partners. Our portfolio of products today includes Al Wisal FM, Merge FM, Outdoor Media, Y Magazine, Koooora Wa Bas, and Mediate.    


Al Wisal FM is the number one Arabic FM station offering entertainment, unsurpassed music variety and talk shows to suit different segments of listeners at different times of the day. Al Wisal commands one of the highest penetration figures with coverage spanning across Muscat, Batinah, Sharqiyah, Dhofar, Dakhiliya, Buraimi, Khasab, and Ibri. Content is carefully developed in-line with the evolving style and tastes of listeners. 

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Merge FM is a reflection of diversity offering entertainment and information, as is inspired by the rich mix of the Omani Society. Reaching different segments of society, we merge cultures, music, and fun to deliver rich content – served with fresh local flavour.    

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Koooora Wa Bas is a free weekly tabloid covering football in all its facets; coverage of Oman, GCC and International football, interviews, debates, hot issues and memorable moments. Koooora covers the socio, economic and political aspects of football. With a strong distribution network in the Capital, Batinah, Sharqiyah, Dakhiliya and Dhofar, it covers the widest geographic spread. Koooora Was Bas promises to be a truly powerful platform of communication and advertising.

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Y Magazine is a free weekly publication that brings its readers quality, thought provoking, community sensitive views, and raises awareness on boundary scaling issues. Committed to being daring and vibrant, all the while upholding the responsibility as media to educate, inform and entertain without bias. The result is compelling content, and a fun and exciting experience, taking readers on a captivating journey.

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Mediate is a unique hybrid media directory that profiles all businesses involved in media related activities here in the Sultanate. With a clever, clean and functional layout, Mediate brings together all types of media companies into one user-friendly guide helping organizations select their key media partners.

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Outdoor Media owns and manages some of the most strategically located outdoor structures in Oman. Our structures include Rooftops, Unipoles, Banners, Wallscapes, Mupies, and other types depending on the nature of the location. Outdoor Media also has the rights to the Oman Oil petrol stations providing advertisers with a captivated audience. We are expanding our network to include major retail outlets. 


Continuously seeking out innovative ways to launch new dynamic products and brands into the market, we believe we have a strong creative culture and desire for excellence, and this is what drives our success. Our portfolio is a direct result of the dedication of the complete family at SABCO Media.