28 September, 2014
Oman's Leading Media & Communications Directory "MEDIATE" Celebrates 5 years !

Oman’s media landscape has undergone an intriguing change, with a unanimous shift by consumers to social and digital media leading the charge against traditional print media, the latest issue of Mediate 2014/2015 has found.


Launched by SABCO Media, which offers a unique cross-platform of communication channels and is one of Oman’s leading media houses, Mediate 2014/2015 is this year celebrating its fifth year in print.


This year’s edition, which is packed with a wealth of information, in-depth analysis and interviews with key media sector influencers, features our Media Consumption Survey.


The survey found that the rivalry between new media and traditional media has disintegrated, with all media now being integrated into a wider landscape of vehicles: what matters today is how to define your audience and know where they are engaging.


“The results were startling,” said Eihab Abutaha, the CEO of SABCO Group – Communications. “While print is an important source of information, it also seems other types of media, especially digital media, is just as important across multiple age groups.


“Now, advertisers need to grapple with this phenomenon. Those that get it will do well. Agencies that understand this important shift will be able to service their clients better.


“The gap today, between how much money is being spent on print and what the consumers are actually using, is ‘incomprehensible’.”


Mediate covers all sectors of the media in Oman, including advertising agencies, multimedia firms, exhibition companies, market research, media buying/planning, photography, PR services, as well as print and production houses.


Available from a variety of bookstores across the capital including Family Bookshop, Al Batra Bookshop and Sultan Center/Qurum, Mediate is designed to help corporations and industry professionals to identify, evaluate and select preferred partners based on strategic objectives.


“Mediate remains true to its promise in remaining a hybrid media directory that profiles businesses involved in Oman’s changing media landscape,” Abutaha added.